4.25.16 – talking to the moon

Loss is never easy. Today would have been the 27th birthday of an old friend of mine. Kristen died from leukemia a few years back. I met her in high school and we had quite a few friends in common, but I didn’t really actually get to know her until college. We ended up in […]

3.25.16 – supersize me

I don’t think I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I wouldn’t consider myself out of shape, I don’t think I overeat, and my body image is fairly positive. (Oh no. Is this a blog post about dieting? I can’t even post on this blog on a regular basis. Can I be disciplined enough to watch […]

9.9.14 – 11 albums (updated)

It’s always fun to participate in those monthly challenge-type posts, and here’s one I found on FB: 11 albums that have had a lasting impact on me! This is the music throughout the years that made me who I am today. It’s hard to put it in a specific order so I’ll just list them […]

2.10.16 -hello.

Okay, okay, I’ll post an update. I don’t know that I’ll ever post on this blog regularly, because I always mean to, and maybe sometimes I do for a couple of weeks, but then I don’t post again until the next year. But that’s just how blogs go, right? Any non-monetized blog, anyway. So my […]

2.9.16 – echoes

Well a lot has certainly happened since the last time I’ve posted. But I’ll update another time. Maybe? Today I want to talk about this weird thing that’s happened lately. Once in awhile, I get a notification about a fake Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account that’s liked one of my posts, or a post I’m mentioned in. Not […]

7.30.15 – 2015 arkansas football predictions

I’ve been getting really excited about the upcoming football season, and the AP preseason poll just got posted with the Hogs at No. 20! The Hogs couldn’t quite pull it off in the close games last year, but ended the second half of the season red hot. With all that momentum going into spring, and […]

6.11.15 – home (lots of updates!)

So hey! I’m bad at updating. Oops! Here are some things that have happened since I last posted! I got engaged! – By August of last year, Chandra and I had been dating for 3.5 years. Seems like forever ago already, but it was a long time coming! The week before, I secretly visited her […]