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6.7.14 – the internet

Yeah, okay, so maybe the lack of posts isn’t so much because of my busy-ness but rather because I’m too lazy and I can’t really think of what to blog about? To be fair, I picked up two more shifts per week compared to April/May so there’s that.

So anyway, I thought I’d talk about the social media sites I spend a lot of time on, and how I use them differently. Let’s go!

  1. Facebook – So this one is probably the one most people are familiar with. I keep it around for three reasons: for work, because that’s how I get my weekly schedule; for pictures, and staying in touch with old friends in general; and most importantly, birthdays! I don’t really post much content on Facebook, save the occasional snarky status update.
  2. Twitter – I’m really sassy on Twitter. I’m not a very political person but I think Twitter is where most of my political and socioeconomic opinions are posted. Either that, or I’m retweeting Razorback stuff. Go Hogs!
  3. Reddit – This, along with Twitter, are my sources for news. The added benefit to Reddit is it’s also entertainment in that I can directly subscribe to feeds for topics that I am interested in. There’s subreddits for Lincoln, Fayetteville, tennis, crappy design, slowcooking, and urban planning, just to name a few. I post zero original content and most of my contribution is, like on Twitter, sassy comments.
  4. Tumblr – So I really never post on Tumblr anymore. I think I just outgrew it. Not sure if it’s the format, or the crowd I follow, or what. I think a lot of it was just I got tired of the same old stuff getting reposted. Doctor Who fandom this, gifs and terrible hashtags that. I feel like it tied me down emotionally, keeping me from maturing by holding onto things that I could relate to with other people but not actually form a real bond over. So I left. Don’t get me wrong. Tumblr introduced me to a lot of cool people and things, and it taught me a lot about love and life and being a good person. Tumblr is a place that people can be themselves without being judged. But it was just time to move on.
  5. WordPress – I never post on WordPress either, haha. But when I do, I think it’s a really good way for me to just wrap things up or gather my thoughts on a particular topic. Like journaling. Which is why I don’t mind so much whether people actually read it. But for those who do, I hope you get something out of it. It’s not like I’m super deep or insightful with these posts, but maybe just reading it will get you to think, “Oh yeah, this and this is how I personally gather my thoughts on a particular topic,” or “Posting political beliefs on social media is always a disaster!”

So yeah, that’s what I use the internet for. That, and a whole lot of YouTube and Netflix. Maybe that’ll be my next post. IF I EVER POST AGAIN HAH

4.27.14 – my top 5 heroes

This list is of the people who I aspire to be, particularly the traits they have that I really admire.

1. My dad – well, my dad is just all around a great guy. He grew up on a coffee farm, where he and his family had to work hard to get him through school. He taught me things like how to build a shelf and how to change my oil. He’s a pastor and a coach and a professor and a husband and a dad. I just really love him and respect him a lot.

2. Ichiro – work ethic. Ichiro is getting pretty old now, so he’s not that much of a superstar. But I’ve been a fan of his since he was playing for the Orix Blue Wave in Japan, and I was so excited when he moved to Seattle not long after my family moved to the States. He was scary on both offense and defense, which were the result of his meticulous hard work and preparation.


3. Roger Federer – brilliant genius. I do also like Nadal and Djoko, but Fed is undeniably the King. His tennis embodies elegance, precision, and sophistication that led him to 17 Grand Slam titles. His forehand and backhand are slingshots, and his prowess at the net perfectly complements his powerful and pinpoint-accurate serves. His versatility isn’t limited to the court, either; he can speak perfect English, German, and French.


4. Fay Jones – pure kindness. He produced world-class architecture despite keeping a very low profile. Everyone who knew him always talked about what a genuine person he was, and you can see this very same spirit come through in his work. Actually, I really want to get married at Cooper Chapel, which I personally like even more than the famous Thorncrown Chapel.


5. Bruno Mars – raw talent. I think this really came through during the Super Bowl Halftime performance, which usually brings in a more time-tested artists to cater to the older audiences. Despite his relative newcomer status compared to past performers, many people who didn’t really know much about him were really impressed by his showmanship and voice. Also, he’s Filipino!


That’s it! What about you guys? Who are your heroes, and why?

4.24.14 – top 5 movies you need to watch

My group of friends had a discussion a couple of weeks ago about what movies we absolutely need to see. We each pitched in a list of our favorites, so here’s mine!

1. Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended edition) – Yep, counting this as one. Peter Jackson and an all star cast completely draw you in to another world (Middle Earth) with stunning visuals, killer soundtrack, and epic storytelling. This is the best film trilogy ever.

2. Jurassic Park – Based on Michael Crichton’s novel of the same name, a group of consisting of some paleontologists, a lawyer, and a mathematician are brought to an island at the request of a tycoon. Dinosaurs ensue.

3. Her – My most recent entry. I love this film because it made me feel uncomfortable, in the sense that I didn’t know how to feel after the movie was over. The design is also beautiful (the film centers on an OS) and the film score should’ve won the Oscar.

4. Home Alone/Elf – Christmas is my favorite season, and these are two of my favorite Christmas films (along with It’s A Wonderful Life). Top-notch comedy that will make you feel warm and fuzzy with their lighthearted nature.

5. Singin’ in the Rain – The best musical film of all time. Gene Kelly’s iconic “Singin’ in the Rain” rendition comes from this film, set in the ’20s when talking films were first starting to catch on. Lion King or Aladdin are also very good, if you want to go the Disney route.

6. The Avengers – I couldn’t stop at 5. I love this superhero movie more than all other superhero movies combined (including the Dark Knight trilogy). More than just a superhero movie, but also grab some popcorn because there’s lots of action.


believe in good.

i have a feeling i won’t be able to be consistent with updating til after this semester ends, but here’s a post! too good to pass up.


I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been really busy with school! So here’s a real quick update of five things I’ve been up to!

  • I won all three of my March Madness pools! My bracket is pretty good, it’s at 94 percentile right now. The only people that will jump that are the ones who aren’t already ahead of me and have either Kentucky or UConn winning in the final. Not as good as last year, but I’ll take it!
  • My dad guest lectured at a local high school this week. He told me that he was disappointed because the kids were rude and disrespectful. It made me angry because my dad is the nicest guy ever, but it’s their loss. I hope they learn better.
  • Chandra broke out in hives. Last time this happened she had to go to the hospital and get some shots. Not sure what caused it, hopefully not Jessie’s apartment. Please keep her in your thoughts!
  • Currently working on a presentation that I have to give tomorrow. I’m so tired of working on it, but I’m almost done. Depending on how Chandra’s doing in the morning, I might have to ask to get it moved to Wednesday. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.
  • I’ve been doing nothing but homework and work the last few weeks, but this is my last semester of classes so I’ll try to finish strong! Finals are right around the corner but after that it’ll be summerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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